Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Fun 2013

So this past weekend was spent enjoying our Halloween festivities in our community and in our state. We spent Friday night at Storybook Forrest at Lake Arcadia and Sunday was our church's Trunk or Treat Event.

In keeping with the tradition of family costumes I asked Carys what she wanted to be and she of course emphatically stated "CINDERELLA"!!! So with that in mind I set to work coming up with costumes for Mr. A and myself that fit the theme. We decided that Mr. A would be Prince Charming, and I would be the Fairy Godmother. I bought Carys's costume from the Disney Store but didn't want to spend all that much money on my and Mr. A's costumes. So I perused Goodwill and the fabric store and I was pretty happy with how our costumes came out.

For Mr. A's costume i just took a white collared t-shirt and added braiding and some gold buttons that looked like medallions, a red and white badge made of ribbon and another gold button, and a red sash, for pants he just wore his black dress pants.

For my costume I took a plain blue hoodie and cut the bottom of it off cut the wrist bands off and slit the sleeves so they were more like a cape, I took the string out of the hood and replaced it with pink ribbon, I used a long white maxi skirt out of my closet, and overlayed a light blue fabric on top with a layer of sheer glittery tulle on top.

My sweet Cinderella was all smiles for both events. She loves dressing up like a princess.

When I envisioned my life as a mother I never thought of myself as the type to make Halloween costumes, I always thought I wouldn't have enough skill to do such a thing. But when I lifted my hand sewn skirt from the sewing machine I realized just how far I've come as a homemaker. It was a beautiful realization that I am on my way to being the homemaker I've always dreamed of being. Granted I bought Carys's dress, but hey everyone's got to start somewhere.

I hope we get several more years of dressing up as a family, before Carys thinks it's not cool anymore.

Until Next Time..

Mrs. A

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