Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lessons from Gideon

I've recently been attending a women's Bible study group on Tuesday mornings and we've gotten to do some really awesome studies. The first one was the Law Of Love by Beth Moore it was lessons from Deuteronomy, and we've just begun A Study of Gideon by Priscilla Shirer. I'm in love with this wonderful time of fellowship with other women. It's been such a gift to have this two hours every week to make a special connection not only with other women, but with God.

In our Gideon study Priscilla mentions that Gideon was found being faithful in the mundane things of life. God didn't reveal Himself to Gideon in a mountaintop megaphone kind of way He came to him in the wine press while Gideon was faithfully doing his duties. I wonder how many moments  I may have missed in my lifetime that God was speaking and because it was ordinary I didn't hear. I have always expected God to speak to me in a megaphone grab my attention kind of way I've never thought about Him coming to me in my ordinary tasks of life. I never thought about the fact that being found faithful in the ordinary of life may be preparation for a greater calling.

It definitely made me look at my mundane everyday tasks with new eyes. If I can't be faithful to get up and serve my family everyday then how can I be expected to handle any big calling God may have for my life. Being a wife and mom often comes with a lot of mundane daily tasks and often I only do the bare minimum to keep up but that is not being found faithful in the small things. I should strive to make my home a place of comfort and warmth a safe haven from the scary world outside. If I'm not going to the extra mile to make my home inviting my family might find other ways to seek comfort from the outside world and I definitely don't want that. I have for a long time believed that my greatest calling in life is to serve others without expectation and what better way to exemplify that than to my own family. The one's I hold most dear and yet often take for granted. If I can be found faithful in the mundane of life perhaps God will call me to be a servant for Him.

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Mrs. A

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Melanie said...

Great post! I think we all to some level think that God should speak to us in a megaphone kind of way. After all..He is the creator..shouldn't everything He does be in a 'booming' effect? But..thats not how it is..its the still small voice most of the times that we hear..but so precious!