Monday, February 2, 2009

thank you

Thank you ladies so much for your hugs and prayers they were much needed and appreciated I am doing much better after a few days of meditation and prayer. I am feeling like my old self again sometimes it takes a reality check for me to remember that sometimes people hurt you and you just have to pray for the hurt to heal.

I'd gotten so caught up in being happy that I'd prayed for her when I didn't want to I forgot to pray for myself that my hurt be healed. God is good indeed and I am realizing what the world thinks of me isn't near as important as what HE thinks of me.

When I get home I've got pictures from yummy food yesterday although I didn't get everything made I did get make some awesome chicken wings, some not so great queso I put too much garlic in it, and a really awesome carrot cake.

I've also got pictures of my soon to be pantry and the new TV that my husband is in love with.

Tonight I'm going to home to do light housework and indulge in my guilty pleasure TV show "Heroes" I don't know why but I love this crazy show.

More later.........

Mrs. A

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Lindsey said...

Can't wait for the pictures!