Thursday, November 19, 2009

Challenges and Blessing of Married Life

Leah over at Marital Bless did a post on challenges and blessings of married life and challenged other bloggers to do the same for Wedded Wednesday. I'm a day late but I'm still going to do it.


Communication is definitely a challenge for us. I have this bad little habit of bottling up whatever's bothering me and just hoping it will go away. This drives Mr. A up the wall!! We tend to forget sometimes that the we can't read each other's minds. Yesterday morning for example I figured Mr. A would take out the dog before work and he figured I would so as we were walking out to the car we were both asking the other one "you did take the dog out right?" Also carving out time to spend together and not putting things before each other. Mr. A is a big XBOX 360 fan and if he could I do believe he'd play every night and I get frustrated sometimes feeling like I'm 2nd in his life to his games now I know that's not true and I'm not entirely innocent I've been known to completely shut out the world until I'm finished with a book that I'm really into.


1. I am never without my best friend. Mr. A and I just click we like a lot of the same odd ball things and even if we don't we're both pretty open to the other person's views. I've learned so much about myself being with Mr. A and he brings out the absolute best in me and can always make me smile. I always have someone to face the trials with a bad day at work or a bad day with mom at the hospital is all of a sudden not as horrible when I get to be with Mr. A. I am constantly challenged by Mr. A's stronger faith and strive to be on his level which in turn has deepened my faith and walk with the Lord. There's a comfort in knowing that he and I we're forever. I had an interesting dream the other night and it was us older much older sitting on a porch swing talking and holding hands and it was such a comforting image I love knowing that my future is laid out before me.


Lindsey said...

So true - we def forget we can't read each others mind! Miscommunication can def be a challenge!

ReJOYce! said...

Hey, I just answered the comment that you made in my Blog this morning, but when I hit reply your address was a noreply thing, so I'm not sure if you got my message??? I'm still new to this whole Blog thing... Anyways, I totally agree that communication is the key for a successful marriage. I remember when my husband and I first got married, our problem was lack of communication, and he always used to tell me, "I can't read your mind". But with the time we were able to overcome this problem. Of course with lots of prayers and allowing the Lord teach us how to die-to-self.

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

I thank God every day that my husband gave upu video games in college. All my brothers are obssessed with them and it drives me crazy all the time they end up wasting there. I think communication is something that EVERY couple struggles with, I know we sure do!

mrs.leah.maria said...

I catch myself truly believe Tony can read my mind sometimes!

AmyKristen said...

Thank you for your comment. Please keep me updated on the fun that you're reading it. It gets better!

And I just loved this post. Such a good reminder!

Rachel H. said...

Can I just say that I love this?! I am going to do this hopefully this week...I think that there are definitely thinks that we all need to work on in a relationship, but the blessings and the plus side always outweighs the challenges. :)