Thursday, December 8, 2011


Ok well I am officially the most terrible blogger in the entire world! I thought briefly of deleting my blog all together. I thought about starting completely over and then I decided that this is my blog and well I tried to be something I am not with the last posts what I thought would be a good project to help me out with my PPD turned into a nightmare in which I felt guilty for not posting so much that I avoided my blog. So big lesson learned I am just not that type of blogger. I am a journal blogger and I am OK with that. So this is me coming back to the blogging world after a several month hiatus over the period of that time my sweet baby has turned into a crawling machine and started pulling up and cruising she is quickly becoming less and less a baby and more and more a big girl!

pic taken at 8 months old during our family photo session

In the course of the last few months I've started a great job at a wonderful bakery basically living my dream decorating cakes. Sadly I've learned recently I am going to lose this wonderful job because the bakery is closing on Christmas Eve. It's a very long story and there's a lot to be said that I just don't have the words for right now. I am sad but also at peace there will be other bakeries in my future. More on this story soon I promise.

So although I'm a TERRIBLE with a capital T blogger I am not ready to give up my little piece of the internet to capture my thoughts no matter how random or sporadic. I'm a momma I have a very active 9 month old blogging time is late at night or not at all and sometimes I choose the extra sleep, but I miss my little journal when I don't write. I often feel like I have a lot to say and nowhere to say it. Sorry for the randomness that is my posting but I never claimed to blog for anyone but myself. Although I'd love to be a blogger who could do a 30 day or year long series, I am just not. I am just me a 26 year old mama wanting to express my own thoughts and actions. I am not going to make grand promises about blogging but it seems to come in spurts so you may see me again in a few days. Then again life may take over again. 

I hope this Christmas Season finds everyone well and happy I know there are babies set to make their arrival soon from a few of my fave blogger buddies and I wish you well with your new bundles of joy. 
I am looking forward to catching up on all the blog stories I have missed.

Later Alligators...

Mrs. A


Melanie said...

MRS. A!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad your back..I have missed reading your posts! Your little girl is absolutely ADORABLE!! So hard to believe she is 9 months old now!!! Mine is 6 months crazy to think this time last year we were all! Check out my blog..I have a giveaway going on that ends monday night!! Blessings!

LeAnna said...

Your little one is PRECIOUS! Love your family pics, too too cute. Sorry to hear about your job, but glad you enjoyed it so much while it lasted. God is good, and He will provide answers to your hearts desire again.