Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 looks to be an exciting year!

After posting about losing my wonderful bakery job I received a heads up that another bakery was hiring. I went interviewed and officially accepted the position. Today was my first day and I had an absolute blast. The best part is that I have a part time schedule still so I get to spend a lot of time with my little lady. I always know in my heart that God is faithful and will provide exactly what our little family needs but sometimes my head doubts in those moments I will always remember the last few months of 2011 and just how amazing God worked everything in His Will and for His Glory.  So I start the new year with a new job, and a thankful heart.

Some things we have to look forward to in 2012 include:

This little lady's first birthday in just a little over a month!

We'll have special Holiday celebrations like Carys's first Valentine's Day, and 2nd Easter.

We have spring and it's beautiful new growth and chances to play outside, we have summer and the opportunity to have lazy days at the pool, and of course my favorite season Fall and all it's glory.

In October Mr. A and I will celebrate 5 amazing, incredible, and absolutely crazy years of marriage.

and in November Mr. A will turn 30.

Just a few of the highlights we'll get to experience in 2012. I know that I have some sad moments coming at some point this year but I am not going to focus on them I am going to celebrate any and all time we have left with mom and make the time as joyful as possible. I'm going to choose to be thankful that my mother got to meet my child I remember at one point I wasn't sure that would happen, I'm going to be thankful she saw me get married, and I'm going to be thankful she was there the day I became a mom. I'm not going to be sad for the things she won't be here for because I'll have her with me always in my heart. Whew sorry didn't mean to go off on an emotional tangent there but that's where I am in life right now so it'll happen occasionally.

I do have a few goals for 2012 I don't really care for the word resolution so I just call them goals.

1. unplug more often I catch myself checking my phone when I should be soaking up my sweet girl's laughter and smiles I don't want to look back and not remember her as she is right now.

2. I'm planning on running a 5K in April with a friend.

3. be better to myself 2011 rocked my world in so many ways the most notable of which made me a mommy and along with that came a lot of self neglect as my whole focus is often on my family I just want to take the extra time to make sure I stay healthy and have occasional girl time.

That's it nothing majorly drastic; oh sure I'd like to be more organized, and I have put measures in place to make sure we eat at home more often, but I'm not making those my goals I'm just making them plans.

I hope everyone has had a smooth start to the new year!

Later Alligators....

Mrs. A

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Robin @ Pink Dryer Lint said...

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for introducing yourself on my blog earlier! I really appreciate it.

Your daughter is beautiful, and I hope that your year ahead is blessed. (Loved the goals -- go for the 5K; you'll love the feeling of accomplishment!)

Thanks again for commenting, and Happy New Year!