Monday, May 21, 2012

Updates in the A Household!

First of all Mr. A and I are now working on Saturdays the goal is for us to both work like this for one full year and then re-evaluate. It’s a lot of hard work and it’s difficult to not have a lot of family time and or chore time. I’m trying to be super diligent in our home keeping methods and in my cooking. With that being said it’s causing Mr. A and I to butt heads a lot so I’m trying to relax a little and to understand my home may not be completely organized but at least it’s semi there. I’ve also decided I need to blog about my daily plans and schedule I know that will seem boring to most but it will help keep me on track. Let’s be honest here I’ve fallen off the blogging band wagon and frankly I beat myself up over it now I’m choosing not to care and to utilize my blog as a place to record memories and a place to blog about our plans for our family. We’re almost 1 month in to the agreed upon one year term and we are making progress slow as it may be. I know the reward of me staying home later on will be worth the hard work now. To everything there is a season has become my current mantra  and I truly believe I’m just in a season of extremely hard work and trying times but it will all be worth it later on.

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