Monday, May 21, 2012

a letter to new moms link up

I'm linking up from E Myself & I for a letter to new moms!

Dear New Mom,

Congratulations you did it! Welcome to the most trying and beautiful time of your life! I know you're feeling all sorts of things and you know what everyone experiences motherhood differently I assure you it's normal if you're thinking you weren't really ready for this and you have no idea what you're doing. A few words of advice don't be so hard on yourself momma you're new at this you'll make mistakes you'll learn and you'll be better for it. Remember this phrase "it's only a season" or better yet remember the bible verse from Ecclesiastes 3:1
To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

These words will mean the world to you when you are "stuck in the trenches of motherhood" with your first night of all night screaming or teething or sickness or worse. It will seem like forever when you're in the middle of going through it and once it passes you'll look back and see it really was the blink of an eye.
Don't be afraid to feel and don't be afraid to admit it if in your gut you think something is truly wrong either with you or with your baby. I was embarrassed when I first realized I might be dealing with PPD (post partum depression) and I ignored it but it grew and finally I couldn't ignore it I sought help and I was so glad when I did. PPD is nothing to be ashamed of it does not mean you are a bad mother it doesn't mean you don't love your precious child, it just means your hormones are out of whack! Don't feel ashamed if this happens to you! It happened to me I lived through it!
Don't be afraid to ask for help and find a few great moms that you trust with kids just slightly older than yours that you can lean on and turn to for advice through each phase and that's it stick to those women for advice and politely ignore everyone else! Everyone will have an opinion and everyone will be convinced that they know best but guess what you are MOMMA with a capital M to this child and you and only you know what's best! Trust your heart and continually pray and you'll be amazed at your own strength. Welcome to motherhood it's a crazy ride full of joyous moments, terrible tears and amazing love! You can do it mom! God's right there every step of the way loving you and your child!

Mrs. A

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