Monday, November 26, 2007

Holidays, engagements, and our first snow as a married couple

Wow what a weekend!

Well my husband and I officially survived our first Thanksgiving as an old married couple. I say survived because it was what you could call an interesting 4 day weekend.

It started out pretty great woke up to to a text message from a friend who shall remain nameless at this time telling me that she had gotten engaged the night before, now of course we all knew her boyfriend was going to propose but we also all thought it would be Christmas. Needless to say it was a complete surprise for her. So I called her and after a few squeals into the phone gave her a hearty congratulations and left for our first Thanksgiving meal of the day.

We went ate visited and left a little early so we could do some work on our apartment that still needs a lot of work to be completely settled. A few hours later we headed to my mom's for dinner ate there enjoyed playing with my 3 great nephews and then left to work on the apt. some more.
Well we got on a roll and got a lot put away and finally decided about midnight it was time for bed. All of a sudden I get incredibly sick and stayed that way all through the next day doing little more than moving from couch to bed to get soup or water. Yuck not the way I would've chosen to spend my Friday of a four day weekend. Oh well I woke up Saturday all better worked on the apt. pretty much all day with only a minor break in the day to watch the Bedlam game that was well needless to say disappointing for my husband who is an alumni of the losing school. I was fine the whole day and we decided to go have dessert with my family I ate banana pudding my absolute favorite. Low and behold I got sick again not near as bad but still felt pretty awful. Anyway this lead to me to draw the conclusion that much to my dismay it seemed that the thing that made me sick was in fact my beloved banana pudding.

Well I woke up Sunday still not feeling great I skipped church (bad me) got up lounged around til my husband who went to church came home we went the bookstore to pick up a small gift for my newly engaged friend. We worked a little on the apt. then went to choir practice since we only have 2 rehearsals left til our December 16th performance. Anyway we worked on the apt. some more after church and actually got everything in the kitchen put away. It was so exciting at 8:45 last night my husband was laughing at me because I was dancing around my kitchen simply because I could!

Later we were getting ready for bed and my husband decides to open the shade to look out the window and low and behold it was snowing!! So now we have had another first as a married couple our first snow!!

So the moral of the story we survived this weekend. It was long we enjoyed our family time, I survived being sick for the first time since being married, and we got stuff put away in our apt.
There is still so much left to do setting up house is not an easy task. At least I can cook in my kitchen tonight without having to sort through boxes.

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Jeremiah said...

*We* didn't think it'd be Christmas, you did. I thought it would be the 15th!