Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The Christmas season has slowly but surely snuck up on us yet again. I am praying that 2007 flew by because for 10 months of the year I was planning a wedding. I realized today that tomorrow is the last day of November which means that Christmas season will be in full swing which means a few things for me.

1. Traffic will not be fun at night when I am leaving work

2. I need to get my tree put up

3. It's time to start thinking about our yearly trip to the Lights Festival

4. I have got to figure out what to get my husband

5. I better get going on my Christmas cards

6. Christmas music on the radio at work will be totally acceptable

7. it's time to start thinking about new traditions to start with my husband

8. I have another wedding to prepare for and should probably be ready for at least two of my friends to announce their engagements on or before Christmas

9. My little sister in my sorority is graduating from college and I will miss her terribly

10. last but not least cold weather is coming and going to stay for awhile

All in all I really do love Christmas and every year I swear I will prepare for it in advance and every year it sneaks up on me and I run around like crazy for a few days. But in the end I always end up saying it was worth it. Everybody I know has been posting their Christmas wish lists so I thought I'd post a little of mine. Mind you I'm not an ordinary individual when it comes to Christmas and being a newlywed don't really need any new stuff. So my wish list is sort of abstract, here's my top 5!

1. Health for all my family members including my mom who has a doctor's appt. soon to check up on some lumps that came up on her neck and one of my Christmas wishes is that those lumps are just stress and not her cancer returning.

2. My second Christmas wish is that my family and friends remember that Christmas is truly about love and all types of love, including our love for each other, and the undying love of Christ who came to us in human form during this season.

3. My 3rd Christmas wish is just to form closer bonds with my friends

4. My 4th Christmas wish is for myself to understand everything it takes to be a Godly wife for my new husband and that we have a lifetime of happiness together.

5. My 5th Christmas wish is for my nephews who are being deployed to Iraq return unharmed as quickly as possible and that the entire world be praying for them and all the troops over there.

Hey I told you my list was a little bit different but if truly I could wish for 5 things this is what they would be. Sorry I can't help you with what to wrap up and put under the tree for me because truly there is not a lot that I really need or even want other than things mentioned which are all abstract. If you truly want to touch my heart this christmas send me a Christmas card with a message in it that says you will pray for someone this Christmas and continue praying for them through out the next year.

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