Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A few facts

I figured I'd give you a little more detail about me! So here's 50 facts.

1. I was born on June 4, 1985

2. I am the baby of seven children

3. I am a Christian (Baptist if you want to get technical)

4. I am a newlywed as of 10-20-07

5. I'm 5'5 and on the thin side

6. I was a cheerleader for several years even my first two years of college

7. I have found that I really enjoy decorating our apt.

8. I love spending time with friends and find that as I mature in life my friends have become more important to me than ever

9. I adore my husband with every fiber of my being and I secretly aspire to always be the wife who brags on her husband while all the other women grumble and complain about theirs

10. I am the Event chair for my city's Relay For Life event

11. I married a preacher's son

12. Autumn is my absolute favorite season, I love the colors, the smells, and the feeling of warmth on a blustery day.

13. I am the youngest person in my office

14. I have a metal rod in my collar bone on the left side

15. I love football in person but I hate watching it on television

16. I love taking pretty pictures

17. I decorate for almost every holiday of the year including St. Patrick's Day

18. I love entertaining and absolutely cannot wait to have a home of my own to entertain in

19. I was a pageant girl in my college days and I credit that experience with being so at ease in front of a crowd at meetings

20. I love sending handwritten cards to people.

21. I played volleyball in High school

22. my husband and I enjoy playing pool together as one of our date night activities

23. I am an avid reader as is my husband which means that we have a lot of full bookcases in our home

24. I love starting new family traditions with my husband

25. I am a bit of a dressy person I like to look polished no matter what I am wearing

26. Christmas is all about family time for me

27. I hope someday to be a stay at home mom

28. my husband and I have a spoiled yellow labrador named Missy who thinks she needs to be right by our sides 24/7

29. I worked at an amusement park for a few years when I was younger

30. I have an office job now but someday I have a secret desire to open my own bakery

31. I have an addiction to scrapbooking and cake decorating

32. my mother is a 6 year cancer survivor and I am so proud of her

33. I don't really think I want to live in Oklahoma for my entire life

34. I have the most beautiful friends

35. I am a Great Aunt and I'm not yet 25

36. people always think I am much younger than I really am

37. my favorite color is green to me it symbolizes a fresh start

38. I think baby penguins are the most adorable creatures on earth

39. my absolute favorite board game has become "The Game of Life" because my now husband proposed to me during the game

40. I have worn glasses since I was in the second grade and got contacts in sixth grade because I had to get braces and refused to be the girl with glasses and braces

41. I bit my nails until I was 16 then I got introduced to manicures I thought my hands looked so pretty I never wanted to bite them again

42. my most hated chore is Laundry it always seems never ending

43. my two oldest sisters are like second moms to me

44. my in laws are the most fantastic people in the world and i feel incredibly blessed to call them family

45. I smile every time I hear someone use my married name

46. my favorite flowers are gerbera daisies

47. anytime I walk by a Bath and Body Works store I have to take a deep breath in I absolutely love the smells and I am obsessed with good smelling body lotion

48. my husband and I took ballroom dancing lessons before our wedding and I am hoping we can take more in the future

49. I love working out it gives me great satisfaction that I am doing good things for my body

50. I started this blog because I wanted it to be a challenge to me to document this time of amazing change in my life.

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