Thursday, July 16, 2009

cakes, mario kart, and encouragement in finding our church home

Hello friends Mrs. A here...

So on to the exciting happenings.....

First I am getting more and more cake orders and I'm so excited.

second we hosted a fun get together at our apartment last weekend. We had finger foods and played Mario Kart. It was a blast.

Third the Mr. and I have been attending a new church and we're excited that it is possibly a contender as a new church home for us. We love the leaders of our age group's sunday school class. There are about 30 people in our age group and there are even a few young married couples. Although nothing is set in stone this is the most encouraged we have been in our search for church home in a very long time. We have yet to hear the senior pastor speak even though we have visited twice but I guess that's how it goes in the summer time.

Hopefully you'll be hearing from the Mr. soon. We made the decision to add him to the blog and then he got thrown into overtime work and hasn't had much free time. But it will all be over soon.


Lucky in Love said...

Thanks for stopping by!!

Isn't cake decorating fun?? I want to see your cakes!

mrs.leah.maria said...

I'm so glad to hear about your church experience! I know you've wanted that for so long!

Boo/Yay for overtime!