Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Waiting On Me?

It seems my wife has been waiting on me to write something here before writing again. Unfortunate that she was waiting on someone who burnt himself out blogging years ago (2004 or so, I'd wager).

Anyhow, here I am -- hello, everyone. If I make any typos, forgive me -- the Blogger spellchecker is underlining practically every word I type rendering it useless for actual typos (like the one I nearly just made, "actaul").

Interesting. It stopped when I made an "actaul" typo and started a new paragraph. Encouraging mistakes is an odd method for stamping out typing errors and spelling faux pas. Of course, that presumes the goal of a spellchecker is to put an end to mistakes. Considering the many words are misused, yet spelled correct ("Its reigning cats and dogs"), and the fact that a spellchecker would be useless if it weren't used, and it wouldn't be used if everyone knew how to spell, an alternate goal is established.

I posit the following: the spellchecker is sentient and seeks power and control. Why else would it encourage a higher-up at work to write "I appreciate your corporation" rather than "I appreciate your cooperation", thereby undermining his or her authority via implications of communications incompetence. Spellchecker is clearly seeking to assert itself and possibly take over the department, then the company, then the world.

So, I say hello and be wary of your machines -- they may not be as friendly as you think.


mrsleahmaria said...

Hah! Welcome and hello. This sounds like a conversation that occur with our group of friends lol.

Lindsey said...