Friday, August 7, 2009

Updates and weekend plans

Well my mom had her appointment last night and the word was not as good as we'd hoped. Her cancer has returned and she starts immediately with four weeks of aggressive chemo-therapy. She'll be moving from her home to live with my oldest sister full time by the end of the month. However we are optimistic that we've caught it early and the chemo can beat it.

In more upbeat news the Mr. and I have lots of fun weekend plans including tonight we're going to the Civic Center to see "The Producers" with several of the Broadway cast members performing.

Saturday I'm delivering a firetruck birthday cake to a little boy. Then meeting a new friend for coffee at Borders and I hope to pick up this while I'm there.

Then saturday evening the Mr. & I have a double date to the theatre to see.....

we're going with my friend and her husband and then going to dinner afterwards it's going to be a fun day.

Sunday we have Sunday school with "Oasis" that's the name of our age groups class of the church we've been visiting and then of course services and afterwards we rest!!

I'm looking forward to all the fun stuff going on this weekend!

oh and I hope to finally get some pics up I cut my hair about 2 weeks ago back up to my chin and I have yet to take any new pics so I need to do that this weekend.

Anybody else have fun weekend plans?

Later Alligators....

Mrs. A


CJ said...

hun you know I'm praying for you!

magnoliabelle said...

i'll be thinking lots of good thoughts and saying lots of prayers for you and your mom!