Tuesday, August 18, 2009

updates,getting old, new friends, and chemo....

Random title for a post full of randomness.

Back story my hubby loves to play XBOX 360 but he never buys a game for himself at full price he waits until he can buy a used copy at the local game trading store. I knew the 2010 Madden was coming out soon so I decided to be the sweet wife and reserve a copy for him early. So I went to the game trade store and was declared the coolest wife ever for reserving my hubby's copy of the game early. When I took the card home and showed him he was really excited and then decided to go to the midnight release since he has decided to take the following Friday off. So on Thursday night at 11:30 instead of laying in bed drinking tea and reading getting ready for bed like I usually am I was heading out the door to the game trade store so Mr. A could pick up his copy of Madden 2010. We realized in this endeavor how old we're getting as staying up until midnight to go get the game was incredibly exhausting and then the following work day was so long I couldn't keep my eyes open without what seemed like a gallon of coffee. Mr. A sure was happy though so it was worth it.

this is what happens when people who are getting old try to stay up late we take goofy pics to entertain ourselves....


Mr. A with his prized possession I was trying to get the clock in the background it says 12:20AM.


Missy was so confused as to why mommy and daddy didn't go to bed at normal time...


Needless say to Friday felt like it was never going to end.

Friday evening proved to be much better Mr. A and I met Couple D for dinner and then went back to their house so the boys could play video games and us girls just took the opportunity to talk and get to know each other better it was so much fun. Their little kitten named Tux for his black and white coloring kept us all 4 entertained by running and sliding on the hardwood floors all over the living room. We had a blast.

Saturday we grocery shopped and picked up new curtains for our bedroom and then we watched one of our netflix movies it was a nice peaceful day.

Sunday I met T at the bookstore and we browsed for books for her art class she is going to be teaching beginning the last week of August. Then I came home to fix dinner for Mr. A and I found myself singing in the kitchen I haven't done that in a very long time. It felt amazing to be that light hearted and full of joy.

Yesterday we had our weekly doggie play date at the local dog park with some of Mr. A's co-workers and their dogs.

Today mom had her second Chemo treatment and it went so much better than last week. She was even joking around and being playful which is how I usually know that she is feeling better. I went with her this time since my sisters and I rotate who goes with her each week and I spent most of my day reading and trying to get comfortable in a very uncomfortable chair.

She'd kill me if she knew I was posting this pic but I thought it was just so cute. I had gone to the bathroom and she had picked up my i-pod I'd left sitting on the chair and was jamming out to the Beach Boys. It made me so happy to see her singing and dancing in her chair I had to snap a pic it's from my blackberry so the quality isn't the greatest but I just had to share.


Hope everyone is having a fantastic week and thank you all so much for keeping my momma in your prayers.

Later Alligators.....

Mrs. A


CJ said...

Sounds like you had a packed weekend. Mad props to you in getting Madden for your hubby. That's awesome!

It's so great you have met other couples to hang out with. We are still working on that over here.

Yay for 2nd treatment of chemo going better. *keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers*

Mrs. S. said...

My husband was antsy for the new Madden as well. He went to pick it up at 11:50pm that night...oh, the things boys do! Haha!

I am glad to hear that your mom's 2nd treatment was better than the first. It is great that she has you to come and sit with her so she has someone to share her time with. Have a wonderful week!

Lyr said...

Crazy packed weekend, I see! My hubby never plays his xbox... bur for some reason is obsessed with it this week! ha!

Praying for better days!