Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Since I last updated you all on my mother she finished her chemo treatments and we are patiently awaiting our follow up meeting with the doc this Thursday. But we received such a huge blessing recently in the form of her being accepted into an Assisted Living Community she still has her own apartment and still gets to keep her little dog but there are community activities that the residents do and many opportunities for her to be in fellowship with others going through treatments. The best part is that rent is based off her income and since she's only receiving her Social Security check as income her rent is below 100.00 dollars a month!! Something she can completely handle on her own which frees up me and the rest of my siblings from worrying about how mom's going to pay her bills.

Her situation has been a huge wake up call for me in that I am doing the right thing in saving for retirement now so I won't be put in her situation when I'm older. I walked in to her apartment last night after helping move some boxes and saw it for the first time and literally burst into tears this was such an answer to prayer! I'll keep everyone posted on what we find out on Thursday.

PS for those of you in the scarf exchange I picked my scarf up yesterday and am going to drop it in the mail tomorrow I'm so excited!!

Oh and one more thing It is almost OCTOBER which is by far my favorite month of the year and no I'm not just saying that cause our wedding anniversary falls during October. Some of my happiest memories are in October and I don't know why exactly but I just adore it!!

Hope this Tuesday finds all of you well and over any lingering cases of "Monday Madness"

Later Alligaors....

Mrs. A


Mrs. Lukie said...

What wonderfully great news!!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

That is amazing news! I can totally relate since my granny was extremely sick, and to be able to get any sort of positive news is a blessing and a gift from God!

CJ said...

What a wonderful blessing!

AmyKristen said...

Awesome news. What a wonderful blessing!

And I just have to tell you that your picture at the top of your blog is TOOOOO cute!

Jax said...

What awesomely great news!! What a relief on everyone in your family.. and an amazing blessing! I really smiled when I read your post. :)

And I'm putting my scarf in the mail too, tomorrow! Fun stuff! :)

So happy for you, chica. I hope the good news continues for you guys!!!!

Shahid Mukadam said...

flotongod bless you...and I am sure..things can only improve now
god bless ya

Lindsey said...

YAY for wonderful news!!

Tatiana said...

That is such wonderful news! Very few things in life can be harder than watching a loved one battle cancer. Yay for answered prayers!