Saturday, September 19, 2009

Great State Fair of Oklahoma

Today was filled with greasy fried food, livestock, crazy rides, even crazier crowds and a large amount of FUN!!!

We started the evening off with some brats for Mr A and I and a turkey leg for Mr. and Mrs S and a small cute jug of root beer. Imagine a gallon of milk miniaturized.
After we'd had dinner we wandered through the new cars displayed in the Travel and Transportation building and Mr. A and I decided we really liked the Prius, Mr & Mrs. S really liked the 2010 Ford Fusion. After we checked out all the new cars we headed over see some goats and sheep in the livestock buildings went outside just in time to check out the piggy races baby pigs racing around a track for tasty treats it was freaking adorable. Then we headed over to the Ag displays and saw prize winning cows, chickens, and bunnies. I do believe the chickens we're a little terrified when Mr. A and Mr. S were both telling them how tasty they looked. Then we checked out the Made in Oklahoma building which features businesses who are local to Oklahoma of interest was the Oklahoma Wineries and all their different types of wine along with the roasted candied almonds. You'd better believe a bag of those tasty almonds came home with Mr. A and I.

After the Made in Oklahoma building we headed over to the Creative Arts building to see the usual 4-H displays and see who won awards and learned that it was the 4-H Centennial year. We saw winning woodwork, photographs, pottery, collections, and of course my fave decorated cakes. I decided I might have to enter the cake competition at the State Fair next year because I didn't see anything I felt like I couldn't do.

After we finished at the 4-H displays we headed out to the main midway and the crazy crowds this is when the night became hilarious. Mr. A and I grabbed a funnel cake and Mr. & Mrs. S grabbed deep fried mashed potatoes. (side note: what is it with state fairs and deep frying everything?!) We sat down near the midway and just did some people watching. It's always interesting to see people in a setting such as the state fair and how many different types of people you see. The highlight was watching a woman with a small child pick up a bag of cotton candy that had been laying on the street for at least the 30 minutes that we were sitting there. Umm yeah can we say gross. Gotta love the state fair it attracts all kinds of people :)

Mr. A and I may quite possibly be heading back to the state fair next weekend with Mr. & Mrs. D and Mr. & Mrs. G just a warning there may be more fair stories to share :)

Here's a shot of the 4 of us at the end of the day.


Here's a shot of the fair grounds as we were walking back to our vehicle


Later Alligators....

Mrs. A


Lauren said...

What great fun! I love the little jugs of root beer from the fair!

Mrs. J said...

I had completely forgotten the lady picking up the bag of cotton candy. Ew and EW!

Lyr said...

Sounds like a great time. I wish my hubby liked fairs more. I mean come on, how fun are they!? Sounds like a great time! ;)

Jax said...

Ahhh the fair! You just can't go wrong anywhere they sell funnel cakes and food on sticks. Just sayin.. :) Glad you had a great weekend!!!

CJ said...

As much as I have a distaste for fairs in general, they always seem to be loads of fun. This year we did fair bingo. It's amazing all the different types of people you see!

You should definitely enter a cake into the fair next year. Yum yum yum!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Looks like you had lots of fun, sweet pics too!