Tuesday, September 29, 2009

randomness and fall decorating fun!

This weekend I managed to scratch up my left eye due to a contact fiasco I'll explain in a minute. Experience some serious G-Force on some rides at the fair. Play a card game while simultaneously playing with a too cute for words kitten, enjoy a great Sunday service nap for way too long, and watch the Wizard of Oz while cleaning our apartment.

Ok so backing up to random scratching of my eye. Saturday morning I woke up put my contacts in got in the shower and when I got out my left eye was bugging me so I was rubbing it finally I decided to pull my lense out of my eye and see if it was dirty and that's what was causing the irritation. I went to pull the lense out and it ripped leaving part of it on my eye I searched around my eye for any remainders and didn't feel anything so I put a fresh lense in and went on to the fair with Mr. & Mrs. G this time around we rode rides which was fun and crazy at the same time. It's just no fun to discover you're not as young as you used to be and yes that corn dog is going to mess with your stomach on a ride that spins you so fast the g-force knocks you into the other person.

So anyway on the way home we stopped off for fast food for dinner and I went to the restroom cause my contact was bugging me I rubbed my eye and little peice of contact fell out of my eye I thought well at least I got it all now and put my lense back in not thinking about it.

When Mr. A and I finally got home for the evening after playing games at Mr. & Mrs. G's home and playing with their adorable kitten named Cocoa. I went to take my contact lenses out and put my glasses on and that's when I felt like there was still something in my eye. After looking up a few tips on the internet and sitting in front of a mirror for a good 15 minutes I was finally able to pull the half a ripped contact lense that was still in my eye out I had been wearing double lenses all day!

As you can imagine my eye is severely red and very scratched up so it's glasses for me for a few days which I abhor oh well at least my eye will rest. Moral of the story if you rip your contact on your eye be certain that you get all the peices out of your eye before putting in new lenses or you'll wind up with a very un-cute red eye.

We missed our Bible Study class Sunday morning but made it for services and then went to lunch afterwards with Mr. & Mrs. D. After that we headed home for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. We lounged around all afternoon an I must admit I napped for a good 3 hours. The fair takes a lot out of you my friends. Or maybe I'm just getting old :) Sunday evening I did some cleaning and put up our fall decorations!

Here's some pics of the apartment all decorated for fall.

shelves above our couch decorated with wedding pics and the gingerbread people were our wedding cake topper.


Kitchen table centerpeice that pumpkin platter came from my father in law's very dear friends Bob & Becky they also got married in the fall and they put the sweetest note on our gift. It said "we made it for 45 falls blessings to you and many falls to come" This past year Bob passed away but we'll always have that plate as a wonderful reminder of him.


one of our bookcases with fall decor.


Do you notice a trend with the owls? Can you guess which sorority I was involved in when I was in school?


coffee table with leaf plate and yummy fall scented candles.

and just for fun a cute pic of our Missy girl.


Later Alligators...

Mrs. A


CJ said...

ouchy with the eye! My contact ripped on me the other night...luckily I got it all out.

AmyKristen said...

Okay, so I was so excited to get your message. I'm so excited to see how you enjoy Bo's Cafe. I know you'll absolutely LOVE it. I loved the Shack and this book has such similar and amazing truths. It's an incredible story. You'll want to give copies to everyone you know...at least I did! ;) Keep me updated. SO GLAD WE FOUND EACH OTHER!!!!