Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"oh the weather outside is frightful" Christmas 09 recap

Well it's over :( I can't believe as fast as Christmas snuck up on us that now it's all over! We had a fabulous Christmas at the Mr. & Mrs. A house even though we did pretty much get snowed in for 3 days!!

Christmas Eve we woke up to this


My wish came true I totally got a White Christmas!


Missy loved it!!



Why yes that is a snow drift up to my over 6 foot tall husband's knees.


so needless to say our annual family Christmas Eve party was cancelled because we didn't want our family out in the very bad weather conditions. So around 8:30 Mr. A and I exchanged our one Christmas Eve gift. My gift to my husband was ear muffs. His gift to me two tickets to see Legally Blonde The Musical when it will be at the Civic Center in January!! Um yeah he wins for best gift!!


Mr. A and I were ridiculously spoiled this year!!

I got a new coat it's green which is my fave color so of course i love it, I got gloves and a hat to go with my coat, pics soon I promise I didn't get any Christmas morning pics :( Along with my coat I got the Glee soundtrack, a cupcake carrier, a gift certificate for Creative Memories which is scrap booking supplies both digital and traditional YAH I can finally make an actual wedding album, and a beautiful new cross necklace.

Mr. A got a rain coat, a new hat he is drawn to unique hats has been since he was little, I gave him a corduroy blazer in a tan color, he got a new sweater, a DVD he'd been wanting, a desk calendar, a belt and cuff link organizer, and a new pair of pj's.

We gave my mother a gift certificate to purchase some new clothes from her fave clothing store since she's been taking Chemo she's lost so much weight nothing fits her, his mom a charm for her charm bracelet and I gave her a Nutcracker to commemorate going to see The Nutcracker this year, Mr. A's dad a jacket from his company that he'd mentioned wanting, my sisters candle warmers, friends ornaments that were pool balls to commemorate Mr. A's surprise birthday party at the pool hall this past November!!

We had a fabulous Christmas and I can't wait to catch up on all of your blogs to see how your Christmases went!!

Oh and one more thing.... As I write this I'm sitting looking out our balcony window where it is yet again snowing. WAIT just a darn minute I said I was dreaming of a White Christmas not a white New Year's Eve!! Snow Snow Go AWAY!! Oh well at least it's pretty!!

Later Alligators....

Mrs. A


Tiffany said...

Oh my word!!! Look at all of that snow!! It sounds like you guys had an amazing Christmas. Glad you've stayed warm!

ReJOYce! said...

Wow, look at the snow... and lots of it! So happy to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas! Have a Blessed Evening!

Jax said...

YAY Legally Blonde!! I cant WAIT to go here!! And Missy is adorable.. haha.. Was she catching a snowball?! Awesome! I am SO over this snowy blahness. *sigh* Here's hoping it's not horrid outside tomorrow!

Glad you had a great Christmas, girlie, even though the partay got cancelled thanks to the snow cramping plans. :)

Kristin said...

Wow, would I have loved to see that on Christmas!!

Suzanne said...

Legally Blonde is so good! I saw it last Feb in StL and I'm going on the 6th in Tulsa. You'll love it! Ya I saw the snow last night. Then it let me down this morning when I realized it didn't stick. IN FACT it melted. I am very sad because now I have to go into work instead of work from home :(

Lauren said...

Woohoo for Legally Blonde tickets...I've heard it's wonderful!

Lindsey said...

Wow that is a lot of snow!!! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas, lovely pictures!

Leesie said...

I so want to live somewhere it actually snows during Christmas. I'm actually a little jealous of these things called White Christmas' Glad you had a wonderful Christmas looks like fun.

CJ said...

Ooh! I would love to see snow! Hope you had a great Christmas! Happy new Year too!

Llama said...

I remember you wishing for that snow girlie...dont you even think about complaining! heheh! sounds like you had a wonderful christmas! i especially love the creative memories part....i love to scrapbook you should post some of your creations!

Meredith said...

All of that snow made me a little sick inside. Yikes. I want to see pictures of the green coat!! Glad you guys had a great Christmas! :)

Maroussia said...

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Maroussia said...

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