Monday, August 11, 2008

August Rain, wine education, and radio hour

heh what a random blog title but it's all things I experienced this weekend.

I actually had a very lovely weekend even if it started out with work. I played outside with my missy girl. Read about many different aspects of wine. Since Jeremy and I have recently decided we would like to try some wine we have been reading up on all the facts so we can make informed decisions. Enjoyed the August morning rain that is a signal that fall is on it's way I absolutely cannot wait for Fall it is my most favorite time of year. I love the smells of apple cider, pumpkin spice, and vanilla, I adore the weather and the feelings of a fresh new start, and I love the hustle bustle that begins as we prepare for the holiday season.We ended our lovely sunday with radio hour before bed which was a nice relaxing way to end the weekend.

Now I'm back at work and unhappy as ever. I've recently found out someone I thought was a friend has been saying really mean things about me. This hurts and makes me want to curl into a ball with a hot cup of apple cider and a good book and forget the world. Unfortunately I can't do that since I'm here til 9pm so I'm drinking my apple cider at my desk and trying to remember that I should display Christ's love and not avoid these individuals. It's so hard to work in an environment with such negative people but I will persevere and try to stay positive.

Yesterday's church experience was nothing abnormal but nothing truly exciting I wish my faith was more on fire and I can't wait to start working on piano pieces with Gari on Monday mornings.

so to sum up:
Our weekend was fairly relaxing, we got our chores done, we did a little Bible study, we read good books, and I am anxiously awaiting the fall and all the good things that seem to always come with it.

More later,

Mrs. A

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