Tuesday, August 5, 2008

OK not entirely

My stupid camera is still messed so still can't post all my freakishly awesome pictures from Relay 2008 I'm so dang mad!!!!!!

Ok onto the topic at hand I don't entirely hate my job just the gossipy rumor mill that tends to occur. I had lunch with a certain male co-worker mind you we are both happily married and now there are two women in the office who insist there is something going on between us in reality we both just needed someone to vent to about work frustrations that day. I'm of the thought that if nothing's going on there's no good reason not to be friends with guys. I'm friends with lots of guys my husband knows he doesn't care he trusts me and I trust him I mean for heaven's sake he works in an office full of women. So that lead to the whole I hate my job post because I felt like I spent the entire day defending my marriage over a stupid lunch I don't feel I shouldn't be allowed to be friends with this very nice person in fact Jeremy and I would really like to hang out with both he and his wife sometime soon.

Anyway we are starting praise and worship next Sunday and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. Although our youth group is small I'm going by the thought "if

We finally sat down together and calculated it up if we continue to make the huge payments we're making to all our debts we will be debt free in May 2009!!!!!!

That's so exciting for me. I hate feeling like I am a slave to money.

So life is good I can't believe we are a mere 2 months and a 15 days from celebrating our one year Wedding anniversary. People always told me when I was engaged that your first year of marriage is the hardest in some aspects I completely agree with that merging households, lifestyles, and finances is no picnic. But then there are all the wonderful moments and honestly having someone to hold me as I fall asleep at night makes up for all those frustrating times. I do think married life gets easier as you get used to it but I also loved all the new experiences that came with it. I love my husband more today than when I said I DO 10 months ago. You learn so much more about a person when you share your whole life with them and I can't wait to continue learning about my wonderful amazing man.

more later.

Mrs A

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