Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday=thursday for me!

yep that's right I am oh so off work on Friday. woo hoo I'm so excited about that. Even though I have to work on Saturday being off on Friday totally makes up for it.
So I only have one more work day left.

I was genuinely sad when the temperature gage read 93 degrees today. I am so ready for cool weather and the fall. I'm getting a little impatient a few of the office fronts in the area I work have got their fall decorations up and it makes me excited everytime I see it. I don't know what it is about the fall that I adore so much.

Monday proved to be a pretty bad day so bad I blogged about it and then immediately deleted it because I felt bad for such negativity. Tuesday proved to be better but not great I still found myself in tears most of the day. Somedays I think tears are necessary for me they are a cleansing process a letting go of hurt feelings, and conscious effort to say no more will I let this affect me. We had a great chicken stir fry dinner and over the past year I have become increasingly more confident in my cooking abilities. I'm not perfect but no one is I embrace my imperfections even when it results in mushy rice. :).

I am in great need of more fellowship with God please pray for me that I find Him!

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