Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a little organization please?

So I posted on Monday that I needed to clean out my fridge well I figured I'd post a pic of my hardwork because I'm so glad it's finally clean. I don't have a before pic because it was kind of scary.

Now I have it all organized by what I use most and everything is in neat containers.
I even organized my produce drawer which is sort of skimpy at the moment as I haven't been to the farmers market.

the door where I keep my milk for cooking, silk for drinking, and other condiments.


the inside: the bottom shelf is where leftover's containers and bulk items go.

the middle shelf is for lunch and dinner prep, and the top shelf is for drinks, (PS pay no attention to my white wine I had chilling last night)


my produce drawer which is a little empty at the moment:


and just for fun a picture from our example tent site we set up at our Relay For Life kick off last Thursday night (I am so upset with myself that this is the only picture I got)

Hope you enjoyed:

Regular what's going on in my head Wednesday post still to come.

later alligators.......

Mrs. A

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Chelsie said...

Can you come organize my fridge? Pretty please?

Hehe It looks great!