Monday, January 19, 2009

monday goals and scheduling

Whew I've got a busy week ahead of me and I'm afraid dear friends that I might actually be staying this way right up until our Relay For Life event in June.

Speaking if Relay see over to the side of my blog my new logo?

Many thanks to Magnolia Belle for sharing the html code.

on to my week ahead and some goals I have:

tonight I will be meeting with my City's running club to discuss their involvement with our Relay event at 6:30PM
afterwards no matter what I've got to clean out my fridge Jeremy and I went grocery shopping yesterday and my fridge is stuffed full so I need to clean it out and organize and prep meals for the week.

Tuesday: I am headed to the gym after work instead of on lunch break
after that I plan on having this be my one and only chill day I plan on watching American Idol while working on my sponsorship letters for Relay.

Wednesday: I have a very important lunch time meeting with a business leader we are trying to get involved in Relay, then I plan on practicing piano for a few hours.

Thursday: gym night again with the hubby
then home to get all of my house cleaning done before the weekend because I won't have time to do it this weekend.

cleaning after work so I will have a nice clean home for the busy weekend ahead, and preparing my materials for our Relay For Life conference event this weekend

is our conference event from 9:30 AM to 3:30PM
after that I'm headed to my brothers to celebrate my neices birthday.

Sunday: Hopefully will be a rest day but the way things are going it looks like I might be meeting the FCA group in our area to talk about Relay which I'd be totally psyched about!

Anyway lots going on and it's only going to get busier but I love every minute of it.

Pictures from last year's relay still to come seems I misplaced the disk with those pics.

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