Tuesday, January 20, 2009

wow just wow! (warning semi-political rant ahead, proceed with caution)

I am amazed at the US citizens that are at the inauguration right now. I was shocked and disheartened with the state of our nation when I heard people booing & singing "na na na hey hey goodbye" song to our former President as his helicopter was leaving. This is not by any means about our new President although I didn't vote for him I will stand behind him as he is our nation's leader. No no my beef is with American citizens that considered this form of behavior acceptable at a PRESIDENTIAL event.

When did class and dignity go completely out the window in our nation? Call me old fashioned but I believe anyone in political power should be given major respect after all I'm sure leading a country is not an easy job and although I don't agree with everything Bush has done I do still believe that as a former US President he deserves respect and the people at the inauguration booing and singing certainly did not show that.

To me Americans need to step back in time a few years when manner's were in vogue if you will. Sigh I guess I was just born in the wrong era.

Sorry if people feel I'm blowing this out of portion but my thoughts on this are that American's need to re-visit the ideas of manners, class, morals and respect!


God be with our new President Obama and our nation that as a whole has lost it's class!

PS: really sorry if I've offended anyone but I just felt like I needed to voice this.


mrs.leah.maria said...

Wow, I had no idea that occurred. It is just so sad that Americans are patting themselves on the back for electing the first black president and yet not seeing how classless actions like that are.

Chelsie said...

When I heard this my mouth dropped. Seriously, very classless.