Wednesday, January 28, 2009

old man winter is mean!

So the last few days here in good ole Oklahoma have been miserable we got ice and lots of it Monday and left work early. Then both Jeremy and I worked yesterday but I got off early yet again seeing as how there were only about 9 of us in my office.

It's still cold but at least the ice and sleet is melting.

So anyway onto weekly goals 2 days late and a quick What's going on in my head Wednesday.

This week I need to accomplish the following:

Tonight I need to finish a baby shower gift
pick up the kitchen
start some laundry
and vacuum

change the sheets on our bed
more laundry
make biscotti for food day at work on Friday

movie night at home with my sweetie

big shopping day for new TV and stand
cleaning the oven
purchasing supplies to begin the transformation of my TV armoire into a pantry
finish laundry
clean out our car since it's supposed to be warmer this weekend
bake a carrot cake for Monday's meeting

work on pantry
menu plan

and my goals for the week are:

to continue with morning prayer time
to not slack on housework
to bake some yummy treats
to continue eating at table

A quick what's going on in my head:

I was reading another blog recently and she has a saying on her blog that says

be the kind of woman that when you wake up in the morning the devil says "oh Crap she's up"

How awesome would that be? To be such a powerful christian woman that the devil fears us. I pray someday I can be this strong.

Later Alligators,

Mrs. A

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Lindsey said...

Old man winter is really mean! I am ready for him to leave for good!

Good luck on getting your list done friend!