Thursday, December 6, 2007

Breakfast for one

My wonderful loving husband surprised me this morning with eggs and bacon for breakfast it was so sweet. I woke up in a sour mood because I hadn't slept well and the hotwater went cold on me in the shower. Not a good way to start the morning. Not to mention I slacked and didn't get my clothes ready the night before only to discover my only pair of hose had runners all through them so much for wearing that cute skirt today. Anyway I was talking to my husband invariably griping about something I'm sure and I went into the kitchen and there I saw him frying bacon in a pan and preparing to make me eggs which by the way he detests so he made them just for me. It melted my sourness almost immediately and I haven't stopped grinning this is what I love about being married the simplest little things can make my day so much better. I married a sweet caring man and sometimes I take that for granted I really am so blessed and I need to remember that more often. Thank you honey for breakfast this morning it was wonderful.