Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas lights, can openers, and chocolate chip cookies

Ok so I woke up to my alarm this morning and just as I was laying in bed thinking I better get up so I can get ready for work my cell phone rings it's my co-worker saying we're still closed today so I called changed the voicemail and went back to sleep. It was my everyday fantasy of hearing my alarm go off and thinking ugh I have to get up and go to work only to discover a few minutes later that I really don't have to go and I can crawl back into bed for a few more blissful hours of sleep. It was glorious I didn't get up until 10:30 today I almost never sleep that late so it was a real treat. I woke up made breakfast for my husband and I and lazed around for what little was left of the morning.

We decided we should take advantage of the day and use some of our gift cards from the wedding to get our last two sort of essentials for our apt. So armed with giftcards we headed off to Target in search of a can opener, and a trashcan. Luckily we found both along with some Christmas lights for the balcony of our apt. which we plan on putting up tomorrow since yet again I do not have to work. I think my husband thinks I'm crazy sometimes especially when it comes to Christmas stuff because I just love it. I mean it I love it all lights, trees, music, food, family, friends, and of course gifts. I especially really love giving a gift to someone who least expects one from me. He just looks at me like I'm insane everytime we go to the store and I want to look at Christmas stuff. I don't think he'll ever understand my obsession with Christmas he'll just have to live with it.

Anyway so we came home and finally rearranged our spare bedroom into a home office of sorts along with an extra TV for my husband's X-Box 360 which I have banished to that room instead of the living room because I abhor the idea of a gaming system cluttering up the living room. I don't mind that he has it in fact I bought it for him but I just don't want it all over the living room. So after doing that and a few other small little chores around the apt. I finally got to partake in one of my favorite home from work/school because of bad weather activities I baked some chocolate chip cookies. Not only did I get to bake cookies I got to use my new mixer that we had gotten as a shower gift before the wedding and I discovered it works great.

In other news I still haven't finished my Christmas decorating but as soon as I do I will put a picture in my blog so I can show off all my hard work and we are cooking our first roast in our new crockpot tomorrow! I am excited. Details tomorrow about how it goes. Oh and to end today's post I just have to say that I adore being married. There is nothing better than sleeping late in the arms of my husband, running errands all day, then baking cookies together to enjoy. My husband's the best and he makes me so happy. I hope he knows that and never forgets it!

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