Tuesday, December 11, 2007

snow/ice days

Oh how I wish I was still a kid sometimes, especially on days when all the businesses and schools are closed due to bad weather. When I was young I would always take advantage of the day and work on a craft project, bake, cookies, shop online or some other fun activity. No not this time although I did technically get a five day weekend. Yesterday we spent the day at my in laws because we were without power which was fine except having to take care of our spaz of a dog who was not used to my in law's cats. Needless to say that was interesting. And today even though technically I was off work I still had to go up to my office and do some paperwork. It just wasn't the same as snow days when I was young when I would take over the kitchen for an entire day baking yummy treats for all. Oh well maybe someday soon I'll get a saturday where I'll get to do just that. At least my husband and I were able to finish cleaning up our bedroom so at least now we can go to bed at night without stumbling over clothes boxes and whatever else we had piled in there. We have a busy end of the week and weekend coming so I'm kind of glad that the ice is finally clearing up. Just for starters we have a friends wedding on Saturday my husband is a groomsman and also my little sis in my sorority is graduating from college so we are driving to Tulsa to watch her graduation that morning then driving back for the wedding that evening. I know, I know we are crazy! Then Sunday morning is our Choir Christmast performance at church that we didn't get to rehearse because we didn't have church. Oh well at least our own lives are settling into a nice little routine and I was able to make my stressful work deadlines so now it's kind of a coast through to January not a lot left to do for the year except actually be at work to answer questions and such.
Oh a follow up to my menu planning from last week meat loaf monday was wonderful and I feel pretty confident with cooking it, and then almost fried chicken was delicious on Tuesday those were the only two days I got to cook last week and then this Thursday we are going to try a roast in our new crockpot.

Last thing I have decided to make scrapbooking a regular hobby of mine it's something I've always wanted to do and now I have no real excuse not to. It's a perfect time to start chronicling my life as a newlywed in pictures. I'm going to start with our wedding and honeymoon pictures and then I hope to start an album of our first year married and go forth from there; Anyway wish me luck with that. Oh I have one more thing I have decided to decorate a little bit more for christmas and I'm going to try to post a picture in post when I'm finished with it all. I am not that great at HTML but I am learning.

Updates on scrapbooking and pics of Christmas decorations soon.

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