Monday, December 3, 2007

Healthy Teeth and Christmas Trees

Did you know that having bad teeth can actually make you really sick? Yeah I had chipped a tooth about a month ago and didn't think much of it but Thursday night it hurt to the point that all I could do was think about how much pain I was in. I think I caused my husband to have a nervous breakdown I was crying so hard he couldn't think. So Thursday night I snuggled with a heating pad and towel on my face instead of cuddling with my husband. It was no fun.

So I spent most of my Friday at the dentist office getting a root canal and getting lectured for not getting my tooth fixed sooner. I didn't know that a chipped tooth and an infection in your gums can cause a myriad of other health problems like the headaches I was having that would not go away. Being so sick over Thanksgiving, and many many other little annoyances I had been dealing with. So needless to say my crying fit on Thursday was actually a blessing in disguise because it saved me from even more health problems later.

Saturday proved to be a much better day my husband and I babysat with my two neices for my brother. We had a blast, we made, Christmas cards, and bookmarks, ornaments, they helped us put up our Christmas tree, and we made christmas cookies complete with red and green icing and sprinkles. After putting up our Christmas tree I am very much in the Christmas spirit and am loving my Christmas music on the radio at work. We are preparing for our Christmas program at church and I am gathering my address list not only for thank you cards, but also for Christmas cards. Life is settling into a nice little routine and we are finally getting the hang of being newlyweds.

In other news I decided to get brave this week and try some of the many new recipes that I was given at my bridal shower. This is a huge step for me because I have a fear of cooking and I have no confidence in my abilities yet I'm going to try we will see how it goes. I will let you know at the end of the week how the menu planning went. Happy December everyone.

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Jeremiah said...

Ew Christmas music. Yay meatloaf.