Wednesday, December 5, 2007

growing up in my thinking

I feel that this year more than any I have grown as a person. Grown in my closeness with God, grown in my pursuit of healthy friendships, grown in my relationship skills both with my family and friends, I have grown in my thinking and setting goals for myself. It has become a realization of mine that things don't have to be extravagant, or over done to be exactly what someone needs. For example I was very unhappy to move from the house I was living in to the tiny little apt. my husband and I now share but it has truly been a learning experience and blessing to set up home and learn how not to stumble over one another. We now enjoy the closeness and comfort. Another example I love Christmas and lots of decorations my husband and I have a simple little tree that I adore it epitomizes that newlywed's first Christmas tree icon of meager beginnings full of hope and love. I love how going home and cooking with my husband in our kitchen is a more attractive option for me than eating out. I truly am disappointed when I don't get to cook at home.

Speaking of cooking I am on a roll with good meals. Monday night I made an awesome meatloaf, and last night we had some really good chicken. I am starting to gain confidence in my abilities to cook and keep a household running smoothly. I still need to finish putting things away but the apt. is really starting to feel like home and I love that.

By the way I must express my gratitude for a sweet present I received last night I got my very first lap top from my father in law he found an inexpensive mac laptop that was waiting for me last night when I got home. A little backstory my husband's mac that is several years old was needing a repair and my father in law found him a similar computer that didn't cost as much as the repair would. I mentioned something about keeping the old laptop and using it myself becaue I'd never had one my husband shared this little tidbit of information with my father in law and the next day I had my very own mac laptop just like my husband's. So I now have a brand new laptop which will mean I can possibly work from home once in a while among other things.

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