Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had wonderful holidays. I know mine were fantastic. These were my first
Holidays as Mrs.A and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Jeremy loved his poetry anthology that I got him and my mother actually had tears in her eyes when she unwrapped the sewing machine Jeremy and I bought for her. I love giving gifts that touch the heart. But don't think for a second anybody forgot about us. Jeremy got a brand new computer, I got a beautiful jewelry armoire so now I don't have to break a peice of my jewelry fighting to get it out of my tiny overstuffed jewelry box. Now it's all organized and I love that. We also got a few puzzles, I got some mary kay stuff, Jeremy got some socks, but I think the thing that surprised us both my wonderful in laws bought us a dyson vacuum. Yes we are really big nerds that our most exciting gift was a vacuum but the thing really is awesome and with our crazy dog who sheds like no other it is really the best gift. An added bonus is that my husband likes to vacuum now. It's so cute.

Well that's all for now. Longer update, pictures, and the top ten of my 2008 goals for you tomorrow.

Happy 2008 everyone.

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