Thursday, January 3, 2008

New year, new me

My number one goal is to make a large change in my attitude towards my job. I can do much better than I am currently doing and I know it therefore I will be making some changes in my attitude towards my job. I want to literally own my job and be the best possible at it. I want to be one of those people who is completely irreplacable. So starting today less procrastination and more proaction. He he I sound like some motivational speaker but seriously I'm a firm believer that your happiness depends on you and what you make of the situation you've been dealt therefore I will make the best of it.

So as part of new year new me. I have decided on 4 things I want to change.

I want to find a positive outlet to work stress such as working out or a hobby.

I want to not procrastinate with things I need to complete.

I want to be more diplomatic in my work environment.

I want to take control of each situation I am given to deal with and go the extra mile

Thanks for listening to my pep talk I had to give myself.

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