Monday, January 21, 2008

just some thoughts as I struggle with my own heart

There is something about the floor of a bedroom that beckons its inhabitant to break down.

Isn't it silly how one can get caught up in the trivial things of life.
desiring the most extravagant surroundings,
longing for the trendiest vehicle in order to watch the scenery go by,
deciding what social outing to R.S.V.P to,
and so on and so forth.

What does it even matter . . . sure it's important . . . for the moment.

But what about for eternity?

Nothing that will happen in the next hour or so holds any importance at that moment when one's knees touch the carpet.

All dreams and desires,

All fears and discomforts,

They all are stripped away and you are just alone.

The realization of how small you are and how someone...anything bigger is needed to come to the rescue is the only truth that can be held.

The light is off.
It's dark.
No one can see you.
No one, but The Almighty, can hear you.

As soon as you're alone the tears begin to fall into their familiar puddle.

They've been longing to be set free once again and now is their time.

Back to the floor.

Many life changing moments happen on that floor.

Life and Death.

The majorities choose life, but only enough to keep them afloat for tomorrow.
Not enough to sustain them throughout the rough waters that will constantly beat against the shore of their lifetime.

Some make the decision to deny the call/purpose/destiny on their life for the fear that it is too cumbersome and will get in the way of "their" plans. These are the foolish.

Some will choose to cast their burden of heaviness for a lighter load. This is mostly what the floor is used for and if you have not traded your heavy load for the later... Please Do.

the few,
kneel down with the utmost sincerity and hand their life over to be broken, molded, and used for a greater purpose.

Those few (most Followers feel that they fall in this category. not true.) go through the most excruciating/glorious process of their life.

EVERYTHING that was ever known to be true is shaken.
ALL THINGS are stripped away.
TEARS are constant due to the battle between spirit and flesh.

And, DON'T DARE BE MISTAKEN; it is a mighty battle that is fought.

Life is lived underneath everything that is seen and felt in the temporal world.
The entrance to another realm opens and everything has purpose and meaning deeper than any sermon ever laid ear to.

The senses are heightened.
Love is felt more deeply and Truth stabs one like an arrow anywhere that it is not revered with the greatest esteem. Wisdom and Understanding are the greatest companions and all who posses the two are eagerly welcomed.

Once that decision is made there is absolutely no turning back.
It just can't happen, for The Glory is felt in the greatest capacity ever known and to give that up would be greater than death itself.

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