Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sunday School Spruce Up and life in general

As I have mentioned before I teach a sunday school class at my church of 1st through 6th graders well I decided the room needed some sprucing up last night so I vacuumed moved tables around and decided to start working on a few projects. So my projects tonight include making a new board to review old and new testaments, making devotional books for each student, creating their names out of block letters for use in the classroom, creating a star charting system to award students that are there. I want very badly to have a more organized class and I feel like I've been letting my students down. I am hoping to change that this week. Wish me luck with my new projects for this weekend.

Life has been sort of blah lately with Jeremy working so much and us not really getting to see each other except at night. I am praying for contentment in knowing that this is what he has to do right now, but I miss him terribly. Oh well at least I have all my goals to keep busy. Oh and just in case you were wondering I haven't made a decision regarding competing in Mrs. Oklahoma in April but I will be soon.

Mrs. A

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