Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Date nights are non-negotiable!!

The Mr. and I are busy people he volunteers a lot with his company, we are involved in our new church home and becoming more so, we've made some amazing friends, I have a weekly girls night and Mr. A has a bi-weekly video game night with friends. Not to mention the growing amounts of cake orders I have on a weekly basis. One thing that we never compromise though is our once a month date night. It's our chance to reconnect with each other and slow down a little from our very busy lives.
We plan date night once a month but also plan at least one evening at home together once a week. Date nights are our chance to rekindle the chemistry that brought us together in the first place. Sometimes we do the traditional dinner and a movie but we've also been ice skating & bowling, we went to Shakespeare In The Park, The Producers, the ballet, and much more. I find that I always come away from date night more enamored than ever with my blue eyed sweetheart. I always notice the little things that first attracted me to Mr. A when we're out somewhere all dressed up. I think to myself I've forgotten how blue his eyes are, and how good he smells when we wears that good cologne, or how sweet his smile is, or how much I love how he looks at me. It's easy to become comfortable in marriage and quit trying to impress each other but it's always fun to take just one night a month and get all dressed up and go out on the town like we did when we were dating.

What about you? Do you and your significant other make it a point to share special date nights to keep the romance alive?

Later Alligators...

Mrs. A


Lauren said...

At this point we are definitely busy enough, but we somehow have time almost weekly for a date night. It may not always be fancy, but I just love it when we go out together. Even if it's just running errands together--i know we won't always have as much time as we do now so I certainly try to soak it up!

Mrs. S. said...

We definitely do this. Since we have no kids right now, we take at least one night a weekend and go out and have dinner together without other people around. I think it is super important to spend that kind of time together.

Jax said...

Aw lvoe that you take time out for date night! I think that is SO very important! Life can just get crazy and take over if we dont force it to slow down!

Just Add Walter said...

that is a great idea. we "try" to do this but it is really hard... especially since my hubby travels a LOT but we do what we can. Its so important to keep the flame alive!

love your blog!