Monday, October 19, 2009

For Katie and Ashley Paige

October 15th marked the National Day to remember those who have suffered miscarriage or Infant Loss. I was stunned and shocked to see two of my fave bloggers share their stories I never would have guessed from their blogs that either of these women had experienced such tremendous loss. I haven't been reading either of these women's blogs very long but I am amazed at their strength and faith in what I'm sure had to be a difficult post to write for each of them. I am always humbled when bloggers share their hearts in a post and I begin to see the deep strength many of my fave blogging girls have inside them. Actually in all honesty everyone I've met through this tiny little piece of the internet has the most beautiful heart I've ever seen and the strength to move mountains.

I lit these candles Thursday night at 7 PM for Katie & Ashley Paige but also for anyone who has experienced their pain. I'm in awe of both of you ladies and can't begin to express how much you have both touched my life through your kind words and sometimes hilariously funny posts. Reading all of your blogs is a therapy for me almost as much as writing my own posts.


Later Alligators....

Mrs. A


Ashley Paige said...

you are the sweetest. your thoughts and kind words do wonders for a little blogger like me! even though my loss occured more than a year ago, all of the support, love, hope and prayers that i received after writing that post brought tears to my eyes! sometimes im just in awe at the outpouring of love in the blogworld. i'd like to share some of that with you, too! i've been trying to catch up on your blogposts and have been reading about your mom.. i'm a bone marrow transplant nurse! (which sort of sounds like the plan?) i've been working with BMT patients for 5 years now.. if you need ANYTHING.. please, please PLEASE dont hesitate to email me! hopefully i can be of some help... happy monday <3 xxoo

Katie said...

Oh my GOSH are seriously so kind, and precious. I am sending this link to my husband because I want him to see the kindness that I also feel through this blogging community.

Sharing my story helps me heal, every time I do it--a little more. I am blessed to know such wonderful people as you through this community.

Thank you so much for lighting a candle in memory our little one!


In this wonderful life... said...

SO sweet of you!!!!