Tuesday, November 25, 2008

house dreaming

This week the husband and I are house sitting for some friends since we weren't going anywhere for Thanksgivinig that required actual travelling. It's been fabulous and to say the least it's made me think about someday us owning our own home. Don't get me wrong I know our little apartment is cute & cozy but I'm ready to move up in the ranks so to speak. I have adored being able to do laundry this week and to have space to cook. I gotta admit I'm looking forward to baking those yummy treats now that I'm going to have space to spread out.

Anyway with that being said we're visiting our finances over the evenings we're spending in the house and thinking maybe just maybe we might be ready to buy right around this time next year. Needless to say if that's the case 2009 could be a very merry Christmas to us. At the same time when I'm dreaming about our future I realize just how fortunate I am that we have a place to call our own and our own furnishings even if they are hand me downs.

I love that my husband and I are doing it on our own we've paid off a lot of debt this year and we're almost finished. We learned hard lessons about debt but I'm thankful to the Lord that while He was teaching us these lessons he did when we were young enough that we can bounce back from it and learn from our mistakes.

My husband and I share a car, we live in a tiny apartment, we don't own expensive clothes, we don't go out to eat that often, and we're paying off debt that we accumulated early in our marriage from our wedding and honeymoon. We were young and kind of dumb and if there's one thing I could say to anyone contemplating beginning their married life by going into debt. DON'T!!

I thank the Lord he has provided for us every step of the way. Someday when I'm folding laundry in my very own laundry room with my very own washer and dryer and putting away groceries that I drove to the store in my very own car to get in my very own pantry I'll remember the tough times and appreciate what we have that much more. We're living our life and working towards goals and really isn't that what life is all about.

Sometimes I get caught up in the greed of wanting worldly things and I do yearn for a house of my own that I can open up and use my gifts as a hostess more often I can't really do that in our tiny apartment. I long for the days of being able to host Thanksgiving and Christmas in our home. I long for the days of being able to decorate exactly how I want.

This time of year more than any I am reminded of worldly greed and pray that although I am excited and working towards the goals of home ownership and becoming a two car family. I pray that I don't let life pass me by while I am preparing for the future. I pray that I tell the people I love the most everyday how much they mean to me, and continually grow in my faith, that everyday I create beautiful memories to share with my grandchildren someday.

This post went a little off from where it was originally headed but that's the beauty of blogging I get to write about whatever I choose.

Since I missed goals yesterday here they are.

1. bake Thanksgiving yummies
2. enjoy and rest and relax.

Yep that's all that's on my list this week is all about rest and enjoying time with family.

Shameless Confession: there is Christmas music on the radio already and I am loving it. I'm so ready for Christmas this year. If you lived in my city and saw me driving to pick up my husband from work in the afternoon you'd see me singing my favorite Christmas tunes at the top of my lungs with a goofy grin on my face, and I wouldn't care. :) I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!

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Chelsie said...

Excellent post and one that definitely resonates with me at the moment.

Like you guys, we live in a tiny apartment filled with hand me down furniture, share a car, and are working hard to put whatever little money aside so one day we can "upgrade." Right now, we are just trying to enjoy our time together in our cozy little apartment. My parents always tell me that these will be the times we remember best because it makes you appreciate the things to come so much more!