Monday, November 17, 2008

weekend re-cap and weekly goals

This weekend we went ice skating and acted like big kids Friday night it was a blast! I fell three times and Jeremy didn't fall once it was so much fun.

Saturday we spent the day shopping and picking up a few Christmas ideas for people, and then Saturday night I went to see a former co-worker turned friend sing in a show which was fabulous and she is a fabulous singer.

Sunday was not so great the new church wasn't all we hoped it would be and I don't think we'll be going back. I think you can just tell with churches within minutes of the first words of the sermon whether or not it's a place you'll fit in and this just wasn't it was a little to0 watered down for our tastes. But we are still proud of ourselves for getting out there and going to a new place even if it didn't turn out to be home.

The rest of Sunday was busy with housework and preparations for the week ahead.

It's a busy one too.

grocery shopping tonight
Relay meeting tomorrow night
Thanksgiving luncheon wednesday at work
girl's night Thursday
gym Friday

I have decided to take another cue from Mrs. Jessica and post my weekly goals so here they are. Some of them are just things I need to accomplish through out the week others are things I'm trying to begin or to keep up with.

1. continue with evening Bible study right after dinner
2. purchase supplies to make dessert for Thanksgiving luncheon at work
3. send Relay For Life meeting minutes out to committee no later than noon Thurs.
4. purchase Christmas cards
5. complete Christmas card address list
6. deep clean and disinfect bathroom
7. get caught up on all laundry
8. re-organize master closet for Fall & winter

Monday has started off pretty crazy but altogether good I am praying that this meeting tomorrow goes as well as it's looking like it should.

Quick introduction for those of you that don't know I am the Event Chair for the Relay For Life in my city. If you don't know what Relay is and would like more info. go to it's a great little website.

I love relay and I got involved because my mother is a cancer survivor. Relay holds a very big peice of my heart and I am highly involved with the event the closer it gets to Relay which is always in june the crazier my life becomes.

anyway that's a quick little about me.

More Later.... and probably some pics too...

Mrs. A

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