Tuesday, November 18, 2008

recipes I want to try!

Recipes from various places the internet, cook books, cooking magazines.

1. Cheddar broccoli cheese quiche

2. pumpkin pancakes

3. sunrise mini pizzas

4. cheesy nachos

5. chicken egg rolls

6. apple Swiss turkey sandwiches

7. garlic roasted potatoes

8. twice baked potatoes

9. cheese baked potatoes and chicken

10. strawberry balsamic chicken

11. brownie alpine biscotti

12. holiday cheesecake

13. spiced pumpkin mini tarts

14. snowball cookies

15. pecan cake with rum frosting

16. sausage bacon bites

17. challah bread

18. chili cheese corn muffins

19. pork tenderloin with sesame seeds, garlic, & herbs

20. pasta with chicken and broccoli

21. mustard glazed pork roast.

22. homemade chai tea


Chelsie said...

Cooking isn't hard...I promise! Just get in the kitchen and start trying. If you screw up, oh well, it's how you learn! It's a fun process. I love pumpkin pancakes by the way.

Good luck!

Mrs. A said...

we had pumpkin pancakes on our honeymoon at one of the bed and breakfasts we stayed at they were so yummy. I've been craving some since our anniversary a few weeks ago we were looking through honeymoon photos yes we took photos of the food.