Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Well geeze

I don't think I'm ever going to accomplish my goal of blogging everyday for a month. Life just keeps getting in the way.

This past weekend was crazy busy, and to top it all off I got sick Sunday evening.

This week has been going by quickly and to be honest I can't believe it's Wednesday.

Monday was a typical day but it went so quickly I made it over to the gym on lunch, and then had a weight training class on Monday night that kicked my behind. So that means I have accomplished my goal of making it to the gym twice this week and I have plans to go today on a late lunch work out and tomorrow for a weight training session.

Then yesterday was a whirlwind of civic duties and election coverage. I'm not a very political person I have my values and try to live by them. I can't say I'm thrilled with the outcome of the election but obviously it was our Mighty God's will that Obama be our next President so we as a nation have a choice we can rebel or we can rise up united together standing on the common ground of "one nation under God". Ok stepping off my soapbox now. Sorry I didn't mean to get all preachy.

Anyway I bought my hubby's b-day present last weekend with him by my side because well he's hard to by for. He got himself a very nice watch that I refuse to let him wear until his actual birthday on Saturday we are going out to dinner and he can have it then.

Busy week the rest of this week my darling husband has yet another baby shower at work and unlike most of the other guys who just ignore he hands the invitation to me with a goofy grin and says can you make a gift pretty please.

So this evening I will be making a spaghetti dinner, and a baby shower gift.

Also stay tuned I recently have been tasked with bringing the desserts for Thanksgiving dinner so therefore I have lots of trial and error in the kitchen coming for your amusement wish me luck.

Later Alligators.......

Mrs. A

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