Monday, November 10, 2008

miscellaneous monday

First off I can't believe all the Christmas stuff already in store it's absolutely insane.
Second already made it to the gym once this week and supposed to go tomorrow don't know if I will I don't feel well.
which brings me to my third thing this random weather change crap has got to stop it's wreaking havoc on my sinuses and lungs.
4th my sweet husband had a birthday this weekend I let him do whatever he wanted which means I got zippo accomplished around the apartment.

5th I'm purchasing our Christmas cards this weekend so I'm busy looking for the cutest designs. I don't usually do a photo card but I think it might be fun so now I'm on the hunt for a good pic.

6th I have argued with the stupid cable company all day and didn't get anywhere they're so retarded sometimes.

7th did I mention how ready I am to be a homeowner lately. Jeremy and I chose to pay off some small debts and save money for our first two years of marriage by living in an apartment but I am so ready to own my own home so I can do things how I want. I have a whole accordion sized folder full of future home decor ideas, not to
mention I can't wait to host holidays in my own home. I know it will be better this way because we'll be able to get what we want in a house and also be able to furnish it how we want but the wait sucks. Just saying.

8th TV keeps getting stranger every time I watch something

9th Boy I really suck at trying to blog everyday

10th my Bible study is going pretty well I'm into my second week and haven't missed a day yet

well that's all for now.


Mrs. A

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