Tuesday, November 11, 2008



I fought with my husband, I nearly got crashed into while driving home from work more than once, I fell on the stairs to the apt., I don't feel good, I dropped my pop tart on the ground this morning, and I burned the roof of my mouth with my noodles at lunch.

I looked at a rent house and hated it and have no other prospects right now after this weekend I am convinced we have to move I discovered mold in our bathroom on Sunday called the apartment it's Tuesday and have heard nothing from them.


That is all.


Jessica said...

i hate days like that! I hope that your week gets better and that you are able to figure out your housing situation!

mrs.leah.maria said...

The last thing you want to hear me say is tomorrow will be better. But it really truly will be, heck, tonight might even be better. :) Yeah, don't worry, I didn't think it would work to say it either, but it was worth a shot!

Mrs. A said...

you both rock!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Have you looked at houses in The Village? Not that far from Jeremys work and there are always a ton for rent and they are pretty affordable!