Monday, May 4, 2009 a nutshell

This is me:

Just a kid playing dress up in the grown up world, and feeling as if I'll never fully understand life and I've just got to accept that, a hopeless romantic hopelessly in love with my wonderful husband and secretly desiring to always be the wife who always brags on her man, a frustrated 20 something contemplating what to do with my life, a free spirit who is so confused by faith and religion it's not even funny, a wanna-be runner trying to teach myself some discipline through the sport, a lover of all types of music who adores the fact that music can express things words cannot, a baker who adores making people happy with beautiful cakes, a blogger putting my life into words, a daughter holding on to my mom with tightly clinched fists, a volunteer with a soft heart and passion to find a cure, an annoying little sister trying not to be so annoying, an aunt and believe it or not a great aunt, an advocate of prayer and it's amazing power to change lives, an avid reader,an insomniac fighting with sleep every night, a wife doing my best to make a home for my little family, and mostly a girl learning what it takes to be a woman

I was asked to give a brief description of myself recently...

For the record this isn't what I turned in but I decided to really try to describe myself, and I think this is pretty accurate.