Friday, May 22, 2009

weekend plans

we're going to a surprise birthday party

we're grocery shopping early to beat the crowd hopefully
and I talked the Mr. into checking out the local healthfood store
picking up the George Forman grill we picked out two weeks ago and a new shower curtain
going to Lowes to pick up flowers and potters for our balcony
planting flowers and setting up our balcony
and then I've got to bake a cake and make my first batch of homemade Marshmallow fondant I'm told it tastes way better than Wilton's store bought stuff.

Church in the morning
volunteering at the Paseo Arts Festival
cake class at 2:00PM we're making our very first fondant cake
making a delicious homemade dinner and some whole wheat banana bread

making omelettes for breakfast
then it's lazy day maybe we'll take the dog to the park or something fun
enjoying lunch and dinner at home
I found a recipe for healthy breakfast muffins and I want to try to make a big batch so we can take them in the mornings to eat when we're rushed

Off subject but I have new blog love, well actually it's website love.

A couple weeks ago when I posted about contemplating culinary school the lovely Chelsie at "Embracing All Of It" suggested the lovely blogger Jenna at "Eat Live Run" I love her blog and read it religiously every day. I love trying out Jenna's breakfast recipes and in general love her blog.

Through Jenna I found Oh She Glows a Canadian blogger who recently quit her job to open her own Healthy bakery, she has an amazing story in her posts entitled my Road to Health. She is inspiring and always puts a quote at the end of her posts I love it. I had to share this knowing so many of you are on your own healthy quests and she is a great writer.

Later Alligators...

Mrs. A

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