Monday, May 11, 2009

weekly planning and goals

It's been a while since I posted about my goals so I decided it was time.

My week isn't super busy but it feels like it mostly I'm at the point I'm ready to be done with all things Relay For Life for a while and we're not there yet anyway I have a few meetings and a lot of house work to catch up on.

Grocery shopping and putting away clean clothes from the laundro-mat, cooking at home

Tuesday: cleaning up master bedroom, and bathroom.

Wednesday: vacuuming and cleaning out hall closets.

Thursday: Bank Night for our Relay event

Friday: begin organizing craft supplies for new area

Saturday: volunteering at a triathlon event, and then taking the Symphony Show House Tour, afterwards I'm hoping I can talk Jeremy into stopping by this new cupcake place that just opened downtown.

Sunday: Church in the morning, then I start course 3 of my cake decorating classes I'm super excited to work with fondant for the first time.

Goals for the week:

make sure I get in at least my nightly prayer time
get the apartment spic and span
mail off last flyers for Relay For Life
bake some cupcakes for Friday at work
prepare lunch and outfits the night before so we're not rushing in the mornings
purchase some new cheap ballet flats to replace my old ones that are looking pretty crummy
start the planning stages for RFL bake sale on May 30th.
cook at home at least 4 times


Lindsey said...

Great goals! You're such a super wife!

Mrs. A said...

that's so sweet I definitely don't feel like a super wife lately having not cooked in a long time, and our apartment is gross cause it's been so long since I cleaned, when I bruised up my achilles it just put everything on hold.