Tuesday, December 23, 2008

cookie blunders, and blessings!

Well my night didn't go exactly as planned I forgot to grease my cookie sheet for my cookies last night and they wound up sticking to the pan and I had to scrape them off with a knife, I made the icing because I thought I'd have cookies well I didn't and now the icing is as hard as a rock.

Last week I would've sobbed over this last night all I could do was laugh. The joys of being a new wife and all the mistakes in the kitchen. I didn't really do too much baking last year because I wasn't comfortable with it so this is definitely my experimental year and you know what that's ok. I'll just have to make cookies and ice them tonight after finishing up the gingerbread house, and finishing cleaning the bedroom and spare room. We did get the bed moved and slept more soundly last night because our heads weren't freezing. We did get the last gift picked up, and we did get the grocery shopping done for our Christmas Eve party. So it wasn't as if the evening was a total waste.

Anyway I hope everyone is getting excited about Christmas I know I am.

I probably won't blog tomorrow because I'll be busy running a million errands.

So I'll catch up with you ladies after Christmas with a lovely picture post.

Enjoy your Holidays and I hope you treasure this special time of year close to your heart and hold those you love closer than normal.

Merry Christmas!

Mrs. A

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Chelsie said...

The joys of learning to find our way around the kitchen and the blunders we make, I guess that's what learning to be a wife and homemaker is all about. It can be frustrating, but it's always good to be able to laugh your way through it!

Have a blessed Christmas!