Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Goals

Well I made it through last week. I did get to play piano on Sunday although my pinkie was still a little sore. I finished up all my co-worker gift bags, and I've gotten a headstart on my cooking and baking for our Christmas Eve get together.

My mother came to the rescue when my centerpeice idea wasn't working out and bought me a gingerbread house to put together so I am going to use it as my centerpeice for Christmas Eve party.

I finished all Christmas shopping but one small gift I have to pick up tonight.
I got my sweet Jeremy his Christmas presents yesterday and they are all wrapped and under our tree in fact I only have two things left to wrap.

I talked to my piano instructor and as my commenter said she was fine with everything.
She wasn't even a little upset. I feel so much better. I don't like disappointing people.

I still need to share pictures with you lovely ladies.

I promise I'll do that but not tonight probably tomorrow after I'm finished with my gingerbread house centerpeice.

Weekly Goals:
pick up last gift tonight
grocery shopping tonight
make royal icing for sugar cookies
rearrange bed away from outside wall of bedroom (our heads get cold because we're right under a window right now)
finish cleaning up apartment all we have left is that pesky back bedroom
take pictures of all my hardwork to post on blog
wrap last two gifts
enjoy Christmas Eve get together and not stress too much
enjoy Christmas day and create new traditions with my husband

Merry Christmas All!

Mrs. A

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Lindsey said...

I hope you accomplished all your goals friend!

Merry Christmas!