Monday, December 15, 2008

weekly planning and goals

This is a busy week. With lots going on.

Tonight alone my list looks like this.

1. Run by CVS to pick up prescription
2. run to grocery store to pick up supplies for Taco Soup.
3. make Taco soup
4. make chocolate ribbons for Relay meeting tomorrow night
5. make ornament for ornament exchange
6. put away clean laundry
7. get notes together for Relay meeting tomorrow night
8. pack bag for Relay meeting
9. finish organizing closet

the rest of week I've got to

1. address the Christmas cards and get them out
2. take pics of my Christmas decoration and my apron for blog
3. finish wrapping gifts
4. make peppermint bark
5. vacuum
6. make cupcake pops for Christmas gifts
7. make shopping list for Christmas eve get together
8. pick up table cloth for christmas eve get together
9. wash and polish all serving ware
10. brainstorm ideas for table centerpeice
11. work out at least twice

Whew it's going to be a busy week I'll be lucky if I can get in bed before midnight any day this week. Oh well I guess that's why they call this the busy season.

I'm also excited because Jeremy and I decided we're going to get a flat screen probably end of January or February and we're going to retire the old TV armoire and get a new TV Stand. So I decided yesterday it would make a perfect little pantry with a little paint, and adding a few shelves. I'm so excited I'll actually have a pantry in our little apartment and the best part it can move with me. So I'll be posting about my progress and creating a new pantry out of an old TV armoire in February.


Mrs. A


Chelsie said...

Good luck with everything this week. It looks like you will be pretty busy!

I love the idea of turning it into a little pantry...even more so since you will be able to bring it with you!

Emily said...

Oh my goodnesss. sounds like you are soo super busy! and having to do all that after work is the stressful part! At least it is fun errands and stuff that relates to Christmas! Your blog is adorable:) Cant wait to see pics of the new tv and new stand!!