Monday, December 1, 2008

Leave it to a Christmas movie

To convict me!

Well since we're back in our apartment now I have found myself complaining about every little thing even though very recently I blogged about not taking my life right now for granted. Silly me I forget my own best advice sometimes.

Well I am trying to get my Christmas decorating done and I find myself more and more frustrated with how small a space I am working with. Anyway I gave up this evening and decided I was going to indulge in a little Holiday television so I stumbled onto a movie on Lifetime (flame away I don't care) it was about a woman living in a smallish house, and never feeling like she has enough money dreaming about being married to a rich man, living in a big house you get the idea. Well as most cheesey Christmas movies go she woke up in another life and everything in her wildest dreams has come true she's married to the richest man in town and has the biggest house and the most money. Well slowly but surely she realizes she misses her real family and this fairytale life she's dreamed of isn't all it's cracked up to be and promptly spends the rest of the movie trying to get back to her real life.

It convicted me because I realized how often I am her. I complain about not having enough whine to my husband because neither of us make enough money, and find myself wishing for a nice home to call my own and all the trimmings that go with that. I find myself fighting with my husband over little things and not really living life here and now to the fullest. I take Jeremy for granted so often and he is so good to me. So starting today I am making a promise to not think about what we don't have but to be appreciative of what we do and those things money can't buy we have a happy marriage and a loving home. I have the man of my dreams by my side and I need to let him know that more often.

Here's the ironic part of this post:
This past week Jeremy and I took a hard look at our finances and we realized that if we stay in our apartment, and share a car for just another year we will be more than financially ready to buy our very own home and shortly after purchase a second vehicle. But that's not the exciting part we'll be doing this all while being DEBT FREE. We can start the next phase of our lives without worrying about how we're going to afford a mortgage on top of credit card payments. I cannot tell you the elation I had when I realized we were a mere 12 months away from not having to worry about debt.
I actually had tears in my eyes it feels like we've been working at this forever in reality it hasn't been that long but it sure feels like it.

Well anyway the moral of this post I guess you could say is hold those you love the most close especially during this special time of year.

I'll post weekly goals and pics from my Thanksgiving cooking adventures tomorrow.
everything turned out fabulous in case you're wondering and I have new found cooking confidence.

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